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What is the Year of Faith?

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI announced that the Catholic Church will celebrate a Year of Faith from 11 October 2012 - 24 November 2013. This feature offers a short introduction to the year. 

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Around the Dioceses

In this section you can find out what the Dioceses of England and Wales are doing to celebrate the 'Year of Faith'. There are 22 dioceses and the Bishopric o... Read more


Evangelisation Synod

Three hundred Catholic Bishops from around the world came together in Rome for the XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to reflect on the... Read more


Year of Tweets

In partnership with the Bible Society we've prepared over 400 tweets to cover the 'Year of Faith'. Read more


The Rosary

The Rosary is a pattern of prayer popular among Christians. At heart it is a series of meditations on some aspects, or mysteries, of the life of Jesus Christ and Mary his mother. Read more

holy see

Vatican II

The documents of the Council offer very important teaching in support of the Church’s ongoing mission.Read more



During the Year of Faith every baptised person is invited to re-read the Catechism to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the most important gift...Read more



Conversion is an ongoing process when we freely choose to respond to an encounter with God’s love and mercy.Read more

papal encyclical

Lumen Fidei - 'The Light of Faith'

The Holy Father Pope Francis’ first encyclical letter has been released. Lumen Fidei, or 'The Light of Faith', was unveiled at the Vatican Press Office on Friday, 5 July and is a re-working of a draft text given to Pope Francis by Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI. Prepared to mark the 'Year of Faith', Lumen Fidei was described by the Holy Father as "the work of four hands."

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