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Faith and Film - Episode Three

It's the third installment of our 'Faith and Film' podcast series and, appropriately, it's a seasonal offering we have in store for you. We're very close to Christmas but there's still time for waiting and reflection. As such, we thought Advent offered a good opportunity to look back on the year's films that have either an overt or covert faith-based narrative.

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Church in Belarus

One of the joys of having a radio studio on the ground floor here at the Bishops' Conference is that it gives us the opportunity to interview visitors from a...Read more

Art and Culture

Advent Art

This seasonal podcast series focuses on the Advent story using four paintings from the National Gallery’s collection. Two of our culturally immersed priests... Read more

Middle East Analysis

December 2014

To say it has been a tumultuous year in the Middle East North Africa region would be to understate it to the point of farce. Today's Middle East Analysis pod...Read more