Middle East Lenten Reflection

22/02/2012 2:00 pm

Christ Crucified

To mark the start of Lent 2012, we've departed from our regional analysis of the Middle East and North Africa to reflect on the Christian realities of the lands of Christ's birth, ministry, death and Resurrection.

Guided by Dr Harry Hagopian, our regular studio guest and consultant to the bishops on the MENA region, we look at what it means to live out one's faith to a backdrop of violence, uncertainty and suffering.

"Time and time again, the Christian communities in the Middle East North Africa region are re-baptised in their faith. Whilst it is very difficult in the midst of all the tension and violence to reflect on the Lenten period, the fact that they are rooted in their faith offers them support and helps them to remember what Jesus himself went through - the temptations, the challenges.

"Ultimately, in a region that is riven with violence at the moment, we should not forget that Jesus was Crucified - He died on the cross - but was Resurrected and that, for me, is where hope always springs eternal in the Christian heart."

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Duration: 15m 34s


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Lenten Reflection 2012

It's Ash Wednesday 2012 and ahead of a more analytical Middle East Analysis we're joined by Dr Harry Hagopian, the Bishops' Consultant on the MENA region, to reflect on the Christian realities playing out in the Biblical lands in these times of turmoil and suffering.   mena-lent-reflection.mp3 6.74 MB