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Syria mediation, Egypt's blind spot, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and more

14/02/2014 6:15 pm

Dr Harry Hagopian - hands clasped

In February's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast, we're looking at the second phase of the Geneva II negotiations on the Syria crisis and the current state of play in Egypt.

We move on to US Secretary of State John Kerry's road-map for peace between Israel and Palestine, a scaling up of violence in Iraq before concluding with positive analyses of the situations in Tunisia and Yemen. 

Fortunately we have our regular studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian to help us navigate the region.

Dr Hagopian is the Bishops' Middle East North Africa (MENA) consultant.

Duration: 39m 12s

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It's another wide-ranging Middle East Analysis so if you have a particular interest in one of our topics, you can download the podcast using the link below the player in the top right-hand corner of this page and browse to the subjects listed below.

Start - 2m 19s

2m 20s - 12m 44s
Syria: Second phase of the Geneva II negotiations

12m 45s - 20m 25s
Egypt: Military influence

20m 26s - 28m 4s
Israel-Palestine: US Secretary of State John Kerry and his framework for peace

28m 5s - 30m 12s
Iraq: A scaling-up of the violence in the country

30m 13s - 32m 26s
Tunisia: An 'interesting and advanced' constitution

32m 27s - 34m 26s
Yemen: National dialogue

34m 27s - end
Final thoughts


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