Middle East North Africa: From Arafat and Morsi to Iranian Uranium

08/11/2013 5:36 pm

Graffiti on a wall in the Middle East

In today's Middle East Analysis podcast, international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian dons his legal wig for an extended MENA region round-up.

Our consultant and regular studio guest looks at a variety of political, religious and legal realities making news inside and outside the region.

In today's podcast...

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Yasser Arafat

Former Palestinian Authority president - was he poisoned nine years ago?

2m 20s - 8m 35s 

Mohamed Morsi

The now-deferred trial of former president of Egypt Mohamed Morsi.

8m 36s - 14m 32s

Iranian Uranium

Will a slow down in the enrichment of Iran's uranium be enough to persuade the US to allow ‚Äúlimited, temporary, reversible" sanctions relief? How will Israel's position impact on this?

14m 33s - 20m 15s


Over 9m internally displaced, well over 2m refugees, the breakdown of Geneva II, a polio outbreak and a statement by the Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches.

20m 16s - 31m 40s

The World Council of Churches

Does it have a voice on the many issues blighting the MENA region. What role will its new presidents play?

31m 41s - end


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Duration: 37m 57s


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In today's podcast international lawyer Dr Harry Hagopian looks at the possible poisoning of Yasser Arafat, the deferred trial of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Iranian uranium, Syria and the regional role of The World Council of Churches.   MEA-2013-14.mp3 17.39 MB