Middle East Analysis

July 2015

The news that Iran has signed a nuclear deal with six world powers, including Britain, dominates July's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast. On 14 July 2015, afte...Read more

Middle East Analysis

June 2015

Welcome to June's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast. It's a packed half-an-hour. Today we cover plenty of ground with our regular studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian...Read more

Middle East Analysis

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

In recent times, whenever we've discussed the Holy Land and the wider Middle East North Africa region, we've ended up discussing turmoil, violence and politi...Read more

Middle East Analysis

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide? What Armenian Genocide? That's a question regularly asked about an extermination that has come to be known as the hidden genocide of the 2...Read more

Middle East Analysis

Gaza in 2015

In this extended podcast Bishop Declan Lang is joined by our Middle East North Africa consultant, Dr Harry Hagopian, to talk about his visit to Gaza in Janua...Read more

Middle East Analysis

February 2015

Welcome to our first 'Middle East Analysis' podcast of 2015. The regional political posturing and headline-grabbing continues unabated so we're glad to welco...Read more


Contributor: Dr Harry Hagopian

Harry Hagopian is an EU-based public international lawyer who also holds a number of key consultancy positions on political, ecumenical and inter-faith issues relating to the Middle East, North Africa & Gulf regions.

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