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Proclaim '15 - A National Evangelisation Initiative

In 2015, we launched a significant evangelisation initiative called Proclaim ’15 to support, inspire and encourage new expressions of parish evangelisation. A project of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, it is designed to affirm the good work that is already being done by the Catholic community, and to provide resources and events to profile and develop new expressions of Catholic joy and missionary outreach. 

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National Conference

This event was the first of its kind in a generation and brought together an extraordinary group of speakers, workshop leaders and representatives from every... Read more


Spread the Word

Please do help us to spread the word about the good news of the 'Proclaim ’15' initiative. You may choose to consult with parishioners - the whole parish or...Read more



A network of people has pledged to pray for the success of the Proclaim ’15 initiative. Could you commit to pray for the organising team and all those involv...Read more

the team

Proclaim '15 Team

The 'Proclaim ’15' initiative is an inter-diocesan project that involves every Catholic diocese in England and Wales, as well as representatives from Catholi...Read more


Mission Bishop

Bishop Mark O'Toole of Plymouth is the Catholic Church's National Mission Bishop. He's the Chair of the Bishops' Conference Department for Evangelisation and...Read more



We are very grateful to all the organisations that have supported Proclaim '15. Here you will find some information on our sponsors. Read more


Resourcing and Sustaining Parish Evangelisation

This is an exclusive series produced for The Universe and it's readers, each month this year they will be featuring ways in which you and your parish can take new steps to proclaim the joy of the Catholic Faith. 

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