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The School of St Dominic

23/03/2015 1:57 pm

Sister Hyacinthe, from France, is a Dominican Sister of St Joseph

We've a lot to thank the Dominicans for.

The Order of Preachers has furnished us with some of the finest minds - Doctors of the Church like the 13th century Friar St Thomas Aquinas for instance. 

The Order has also given us one of our most well-known Catholic prayers - the Rosary.

So plenty to consider in this episode of our 'Schools of Prayer' podcast series.

Today we hear from Sister Hyacinthe, from France. She's a Dominican Sister of St Joseph who lives with the community at St Dominic's Priory in the New Forest, Hampshire.

"The Dominicans are at the origin of one of the most humble, popular and accessible forms of prayer - the Rosary. 

"We often see artwork depicting our mother Mary giving the rosary to St Dominic - a prayer so precious and powerful that it's said to be coming from Our Lady herself.

"The Rosary is a wonderful fruit of Dominican spirituality. Although it was set out as a formal type of prayer in the centuries following St Dominic, it came from the Order and its origin and features are essentially Dominican.

"The Rosary is prayed by the whole person - body and soul. It's a very human prayer. We can pray it kneeling, walking, sitting or standing. We can even pray it running or doing the ironing."


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