Week Three: Our Lenten Voyage

15/03/2017 11:29 am

For the third week of Lent, we join Fr Colum Kelly out at sea, tired after a particularly difficult night watch.

Our reflection focuses on the Gospel of John and the story of Jesus meeting a woman at the well.

Jesus talked to her about her life and of the things God could offer her - even though she had a very poor opinion of herself because of the life she had led.

"The Captain said that in churches all over the world people would be hearing the same reading and in some way, even though we were miles from anywhere, this reading connected us... Some things stuck with me and I’ve been thinking about them.

"The woman at the well was alone. Usually getting the water was a social occasion when the women would meet and spend time chatting and catching up. Children would often accompany them and a vibrant almost family-like atmosphere would fill the air before they made their way home.

"But this woman was not allowed to be a part of the group. I wish we had a name for her but there's no mention of one so we have to refer to her as 'the woman at the well'."

Listen to the third maritime-themed podcast in our 2017 Lenten series.

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