Week Four: Our Lenten Voyage

15/03/2017 11:29 am

We're at the halfway point in our Lenten journey and we've been out at sea with port chaplain Fr Column Kelly for three long weeks.

Things are happening all around us on this busy ship but have we missed the obvious in all the hustle and bustle?

There's a definite 'sea blindness' at times:

"John tells us so many stories of blindness - the disciples on the road to Emmaus who don’t recognise Jesus; Mary Magdalene in the Garden after the resurrection – she thinks Jesus is the gardener.

"At sea our eyes have to be sharp and focused. Our eyes need time to adjust to different light. When I take over a night watch on the bridge I ask the leaving watchman to stay with me for a while, until my eyes can re-focus and adjust to the darkness.

"Perhaps I need to make a resolution in this voyage of Lent. I need to pray that my eyes will not be blinded by prejudice or suspicion. Lent is a process of having our eyes opened to see, hope and love as Jesus does. Lent's about re-forming our seeing, our hoping and our desiring.

The invitation of Jesus to the man born blind is clear and it's the same invitation to each of us - Go... wash... see."

Listen to the fourth maritime-themed podcast in our 2017 Lenten series.

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