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Gaza and Mosul: Two Humanitarian Catastrophes

31/07/2014 5:16 pm

Gaza City - January 2014

Today's Middle East Analysis examines the devastating humanitarian disasters currently playing out in Gaza and Mosul.

Looking to Gaza, at the point of writing, approximately 1,360 Palestinians - the majority civilians - have been killed as a result of the conflict with Israel.

Hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel have also seen casualties - some civilian. Reports suggest around 60 Israeli deaths - at least three civilian casualties.

One thing is clear, deaths on both sides are equally tragic and we desperately pray for a ceasefire and a lasting peace for the region.

Since our last podcast, the people of Mosul in northern Iraq - particularly Christians - have had to face an ultimatum handed down by 'Islamic State', or ISIS, militants: convert to Islam, pay a tax for protection or leave the city.

Our consultant on the Middle East North Africa region, Dr Harry Hagopian discusses these sensitive events and offers his thoughts.

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MEA 2014 - 8

In today's 'Middle East Analysis' the Bishops' consultant on the MENA region Dr Harry Hagopian looks at the twin humanitarian crises of Gaza and Mosul in northern Iraq.   MEA-2014-8.mp3 15.52 MB