'Winter Landscape' by Caspar David Friedrich

27/03/2013 2:58 pm

Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich 1811

Theme: ‘Suffering’

Suffering is part of everyone’s life. In Caspar David Friedrich’s painting titled 'Winter Landscape', painted around 1811, the image of the crippled man praying before the crucifix reminds everyone of the reality that the Cross of Jesus Christ is a source of strength, hope and salvation.

Fr James Hanvey SJ explains:
"What we have here is an intense mood of prayer, of supplication, in an almost hostile natural environment and yet there is prayer going on, and its prayer outside of theCathedral, not inside, it’s where we wouldn’t expect it, although here in the midst of it all is the crucified Christ. It’s the identification of the suffering of the cripple, with the suffering of Christ. Of course, I wonder, I suppose in a speculation, if there is a subtle link between the cross and the abandoned crutches, that here is the crutch, the help that this man needs to get up and walk again.”

You can find out more about the painting by visiting the Tate Gallery's excellent website.


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'Winter Landscape'

Fr James Hanvey looks at Caspar David Friedrich’s painting 'Winter Landscape', painted around 1811.   7-hanvey-winter-landscape.mp3 5.15 MB