‘Jesus is Risen’ by Zan Stevenson

27/03/2013 3:25 pm

‘Jesus is Risen’ by Zan Stevenson

Zan Stevenson

Theme: ‘The Miraculous’

It can very hard to believe in things that we can’t explain, touch or see, for ourselves. Belief in miracles is a fundamental part of the Christian faith giving hope, especially when we feel that all else fails. The most important miracle at the heart of Christianity is Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Zan Stevenson, a Christian artist working on the south coast of England, explains why it is so important to her. It’s the focus of one of her paintings titled: ‘Jesus is Risen’.

"I wonder if we had heard the words that the angel said how we would have reacted? I think I would have been terrified. They could see that the angel wasn't a person. They knew that Jesus was dead, so they just ran frightened. They couldn't believe that he was alive.”


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Duration: 2m 47s


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'Jesus is Risen'

Christian artist Zan Stevenson talks about the miracle at the centre of her painting ‘Jesus is Risen’.   8-zan-stations-resurrection-miracles.mp3 3.90 MB