'Upright Internal/External Form' by Henry Moore

13/12/2012 12:25 pm

'Upright Internal/External Form' by Henry Moore

Henry Moore - 1952-3

Theme: ‘Birth’

Susy Brouard works at the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, CAFOD, and visited the Tate Modern in London to reflect on the meaning and symbolism found in Henry Moore’s abstract 'Upright Internal/External Form'.

She says:

"Moore said about it himself that it was embodying something of the mother/child idea but also of birth and the child in the embryo… In keeping really with this time of the Church’s year, we are preparing for Christ’s birth, but at the moment Jesus is still in Mary’s womb. She is feeding him, she’s protecting him, she’s loving him and soon he will be born, but now is a time of waiting."

You can find out more about the painting by visiting the Tate Gallery's excellent website.


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Duration: 5m


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'Upright Internal/External Form'

CAFOD's Susy Brouard reflects on an abstract in the Tate Modern gallery by Henry Moore produced in 1952-3.   4-brouard-birth.mp3 6.95 MB