Equality and Human Rights

Archbishop Peter Smith responds to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Survey on Religion or Belief in the Workplace

16/03/2015 1:27 pm

“I am extremely grateful to all those Catholics who took the time to share their experiences and assist the Equality and Human Rights Commission in this important area of work.
"It is encouraging that a number of respondents described inclusive environments in which their beliefs are respected. However the findings have also highlighted some examples of seriously troubling practices including people being treated unfavourably or prevented from expressing their faith.
"Most striking is the level of uncertainty among employers, service providers, workers and students about how laws protecting freedom of religion or belief should be implemented in practice.
"I understand that the Equality and Human Rights Commission will be using these findings in a review of current legislation and the production of further guidance. This offers a valuable opportunity to ensure that everybody is treated with fairness, dignity and respect - and that the positive contribution people of faith bring to society is more truly recognised.”
Archbishop Peter Smith
Chair of the Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship


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