24/05/2016 4:35 pm

Evolving Catholic approaches to the nuclear question

Bishop Declan Lang called for an end to all nuclear weapons as he welcomed delegates to a conference on nuclear proliferation, deterrence and disarmament in London on Tuesday 24 May.

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Contemporary Catholicism in England and Wales

In response to the findings of the St Mary’s University, Twickenham statistical report on ‘Contemporary Catholicism in England and Wales’ based on recent British Social Attitudes survey data, the Bishop Chair of the Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Bishop Mark O’Toole has said: "The Church is committed to reaching out to those who are seeking meaning in their lives and helping them discover the joy of an encounter with Christ"

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19/05/2016 4:00 pm

Burma's first Cardinal - Don't expect a functioning democracy overnight

Burma is emerging from half a century of brutal military dictatorship during which successive regimes plundered the country's economy, decimated the health and education systems, instigated civil wars with ethnic minorities, and deliberately inflamed inter-religious tensions.

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18/05/2016 10:00 am

Catholic Church response to the Queen’s Speech

Bishop Richard Moth and a spokesperson for the Bishops' Conference comment on the today's, 18 May, Queen's Speech in light of announcements on prison reform legislation and counter-extremism legislation.

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17/05/2016 12:00 pm

Pope: World Mission Day calls us to missionary discipleship

Pentecost Sunday provided Pope Francis with the occasion to release his annual Message for World Mission Sunday, set to take place later this year, on the third Sunday of October.

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12/05/2016 3:11 pm

Armenian clerics in UK to discuss life and ministry in war-torn Syria

Two Armenian Christian leaders from Syria have been in the UK to remind us of the realities facing a country where half the population are either refugees or have been internally displaced. 

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08/05/2016 8:15 am

Cardinal welcomes Sadiq Khan as the new Mayor of London

Cardinal Vincent Nichols made this statement following the Declaration of Acceptance of the new mayor of London.

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05/05/2016 5:15 pm

Let’s vote ‘in’ to renew the EU, says Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor writing in The Spectator on the forthcoming EU Referendum. The Cardinal gives his reasons for wanting Britain to remain a part of the European community. 

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05/05/2016 3:46 pm

A further step towards a less human future

Professor David Albert Jones, Director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, has released a statement on the news that scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique that allows embryos to develop in vitro beyond the implantation stage (when an embryo would normally implant into the womb). 

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05/05/2016 8:41 am

Cardinal Nichols welcomes decision to resettle more child refugees

The Prime Minister David Cameron has committed the UK to taking in more unaccompanied Syrian refugee children from Europe. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, President of the Bishops’ Conference, has welcomed the move.

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03/05/2016 9:43 am

Cardinal on Polish Celebrations, Family Life and the Polish Bishops' Stance on Abortion

Cardinal Vincent Nichols preached this homily at the Ealing Abbey Mass celebrating the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland on the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 1 May 2016. 

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26/04/2016 11:39 am

Archbishop of Liverpool on the Hillsborough verdicts

The Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon, Archbishop of Liverpool, has issued a statement on the ruling of the Hillsborough disaster inquest. 

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23/04/2016 10:59 am

Pope Francis appoints new Auxiliary Bishop to Southwark Diocese

Pope Francis has appointed Father Paul Mason as the new Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark. Fr Mason, a priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark, has been the Episcopal Vicar for Kent which comprises the Deaneries of Canterbury, Chatham, Dover, Gravesend, Maidstone, Thanet and Tunbridge Wells.

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22/04/2016 2:09 pm

Pope asks Europe's Catholics to support the victims of war in Eastern Ukraine

Pope Francis has appealed to Catholics in Europe to undertake a collection in their churches for humanitarian aid for Ukraine on Sunday 24 April 2016. The purpose of this collection is to show support and compassion to victims of this all but forgotten hybrid war that continues unabated in the east of the country. 

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21/04/2016 2:22 pm

Cardinal welcomes Parliament's recognition of atrocities against Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq as genocide

MPs in the House of Commons have voted overwhelmingly, 278-0, to recognise that Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria are suffering genocide at the hands of Daesh (also known as ISIS or the so-called Islamic State).

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21/04/2016 1:06 pm

Cardinal praises Queen's "dedicated and enduring service" in birthday message

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, using his twitter account, has sent his good wishes to Her Majesty The Queen on her 90th birthday: "The Queen offers an example to us all of dedicated and enduring service. I wish her a happy birthday as we all look forward to the public celebrations next month." 

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19/04/2016 10:00 am

New Director for Missio

Bishop Declan Lang, the Chair of the Trustee Board of Missio announces appointment of New Director: “I am pleased to announce that HE Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples in the Roman Curia, has appointed Fr Anthony Chantry as National Director of Missio, England and Wales."

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Nottingham celebrates England's 'Mother Teresa'

A loud and lively crowd of more than 400 Catholics from across the East Midlands took part in a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament to remember the Venerable Mary Potter - a nun who worked in Nottingham in the late nineteenth century to give dignity to the poor, the suffering and the dying. 

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18/04/2016 12:00 pm

We cannot neglect our duty to act against Daesh

The following article was published in The Catholic Universe, Friday 15 April, in it Bishop Declan Lang says that UK recognition of genocide by Daesh is an important step but practical action is needed to liberate areas under Daesh control, support refugees, and rebuild communities.

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15/04/2016 10:31 am

Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday

The Bishops’ Conference establishes that, at all Sunday Masses on 11-12 June 2016, each parish prays for Her Majesty the Queen to mark her 90th birthday by including such an intention in the Bidding Prayers and by reciting at the end of Mass (after the Prayer after Communion and before the Final Blessing) the Prayer for the Queen.

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