Luke In Lent - Luke 17:1-19

01/04/2019 9:35 am

Today's podcast for 'Reading Luke in Lent' looks at Luke, Chapter 17:1-19.

The worried apostles are reminded of their future duties in a short parable. They will plough the field so that the seed of God’s word can be sown; they will look after their flocks. They will be true servants, as Jesus has modelled, offering the Eucharist to eat and drink.

The lepers are cleansed because they recognise Jesus as Master and act upon his word in faith. The Samaritan acknowledges Jesus as king and offers thanksgiving. Jesus sends him on his way saying that his faith has saved him.

'Reading Luke in Lent' is a series of simple podcasts for the Lenten season offering a daily reading from St Luke - covering the Gospel from start to finish - from Ash Wednesday to the first week of Easter.


Download the text for the reading here: Luke 17:1-19 49.98 kB


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