Luke In Lent - Luke 13:10-35

01/04/2019 9:35 am

Today's podcast for 'Reading Luke in Lent' looks at Luke, Chapter 13:10-35.

The Sabbath is still principally thought about as refraining from work. Jesus reminds us it is about the appreciation of God’s creation; Jesus will usher in, on the Lord’s Day, the new creation. The Sabbath is also the day of Exodus from slavery and once again Jesus sees his mission as bringing liberty to captives.

In the two short parables about the extraordinary growth of the kingdom — three measures of flour would feed about a hundred people — Luke, once again, pairs a man and a woman.

Jesus continues on his journey to Jerusalem, teaching on the way. The parable Jesus tells reflects some of the episodes we have heard previously. He has eaten and drank with sinners, people have heard his teaching. It is not enough just to be present; it is to hear and understand God’s word and act upon it. As Mary sang in the Magnificat the reality of the kingdom may turn things upside down where the first shall be last and the last first.

'Reading Luke in Lent' is a series of simple podcasts for the Lenten season offering a daily reading from St Luke - covering the Gospel from start to finish - from Ash Wednesday to the first week of Easter.


Download the text for the reading here: Luke 13:10-35 54.67 kB


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