Working together with other Christian organisations and other religions

10/09/2015 1:19 pm

Bishop Nicholas Hudson with members of other faith communities at a vigil to pray for Syrian refugees

Churches, Christian organisations, other religions and a cross-section of faith-based groups have been at the forefront of the response to this humanitarian crisis - offering both practical and spiritual support.

Here some examples:

How the Churches are Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Archbishop of Canterbury on the refugee crisis

British Muslims join calls for Compassionate Response to Refugee Crisis

IN FOCUS: How the Jewish community has mobilised to help refugees

Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Refugees

Scotland: Interfaith Statement on the Refugee Crisis

Interreligious Dialogue Document

In 2010, the Bishops of England and Wales published a teaching document on interreligious dialogue reminding Catholics that they are called by their Baptism to engage in dialogue with others, and specifically with people of other religions. As we respond to the refugee crisis with the hand of friendship, this document offers useful information to help us 'Meet God in Friend and Stranger'.

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger 348.64 kB

MGFS Resources

MGFS: Summary Leaflet (Birmingham) 181.00 kB
A leaflet from the Archdiocese of Birmingham summarising Meeting God in Friend and Stranger

MGFS: Summary Leaflet (Leeds) 80.00 kB
A leaflet from the Diocese of Leeds summarising Meeting God in Friend and Stranger

MGFS: Short Presentation 73.00 kB
A short PowerPoint summary presentation avoiding technical terms

MGFS: Detailed Presentation 197.00 kB
A PowerPoint summary of Meeting God in Friend and Stranger for a detailed presentation

Working Materials

MGFS - Working Materials 3.13 MB This PDF contains a chapter-by-chapter guide to the teaching laid out in Meeting God in Friend and Stranger, with a short summary of each chapter, bullet points for a quicker overview, and a glossary of the terms used. This is supplemented by questions for discussion, as well as by ideas for action. For each chapter, there are also quotations from the original document to lead the reader back to it.


Below you will find links to individual chapters of the Meeting God in Friend and Stranger Working Materials for easier printing.

Chapter One 678.13 kB
Chapter Two 723.43 kB
Chapter Three 673.59 kB
Chapter Four 614.27 kB
Chapter Five 789.32 kB
Chapter Six 607.41 kB