Racial Justice Sunday 2017 - Celebrating 'Our Community'

02/02/2017 2:38 pm

Cecilia Taylor-Camara outside Parliament

On Sunday 12 February, the Catholic Church in England and Wales celebrates Racial Justice Sunday.

We're raising awareness of the responsibility of the Catholic Church to eradicate racial discrimination in all its forms within the church and wider society.

We call upon all Catholics – lay, religious and ordained - to promote and celebrate our communities wherever we worship, work and live.

Racial justice is a gospel imperative since Christ called us not just to welcome all who we meet but to treat people with dignity and respect in every aspect of our private and public lives.

We have produced these resources to help promote this fundamental transformation in our society on the theme of Our Community.

As it says in our Gospel reading from Matthew 5:24 for this day - we must first be reconciled to our brothers and sisters.

Please join us in celebrating Our Community. It’s time to end this evil that has no place in our hearts or in our homes, parishes and schools; in our shops, work, travel and leisure times.


We are providing the following:


Resource Booklet (download)

Short Films


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