Further Resources

05/10/2017 9:04 am

Here are some links and resources to keep the fire burning beyond Catholic Bible Sunday. 

Scriptural Resources

Here are a few handy Scriptural resources from Bible Society.

The Gospels

It's a good idea to have a small Gospel, a pocket-sized Gospel, that you can carry around with you, and to read a short passage from it at any time of the day. At any time in the day I take the Gospel out of my pocket and read a little something, a short passage. There we find Jesus, Who speaks to us, in the Gospel!

Pope Francis, 16 March 2014

A small, portable pocket-sized edition of the Gospels that make an ideal give-away to young people.Includes an extra colour section on the background and meaning of the Gospels to help new readers understand the context around Scriptures.

Price: £4.99

The Gospels (Gift Edition)

A classically beautiful, large-sized edition of the Gospels. An elegant gift for those receiving sacraments of Initiation, Marriage or Ordination to the Deaconate, and an appropriate edition for use in Funeral liturgies.

Price: £12.99

Find these, and many more scriptural resources at

Word on the Go

A brand new digital resource to help busy Catholics like you to get more out of the Bible.

includes 3 minute video stories of Catholics who try out various forms of engaging with the Bible and share the benefits.

We meet Louise and who reflects on passages from the Gospels while she’s out walking her dog Hagrid every day.

Kate from Nottingham reads the Bible when commuting to work in London.

The Poulter family break out the popcorn for a regular Bible movie night with their three children.

Carmel from South London created a weekly drop-in Bible study group in her parish, while Oscar, a Polish student at London University - listens to Scripture while going for a run.

Claire and her two kids made a Jesse Tree at Christmas and learnt about the Bible characters and symbols that are part of Jesus’ life journey.

Simon, a Disability Worker, read about his namesake 'Simon Peter' in the Gospels and is keen to read more...

Word on the Go helps Catholics like you to build the Bible into your busy life, deepening your faith and spirituality and motivating you to want to continue exploring Scripture – in whatever form and whenever you can make the time.

Word on the Go encourages us to engage with the Bible through a range of pathways. None of the activities we suggest are boring, time-consuming or difficult!

Why not give it a go with Word on the Go.

For more information contact Fleur Dorrell.

Scripture Working Group

The Scripture Working Group was established in 2011 as part of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference England and Wales’ Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis.

The broad aims of the group are:

To help network and support existing Catholic biblical initiatives.

To promote and encourage new forms of biblical engagement in England and Wales.

To identify areas for collaboration and strategic development nationally and internationally.

To find out more about the work of the group, find additional resources and links to resourcing websites, and to sign up to our email newsletter, please visit