Lent 2016

'Merciful Like The Father': Session 1

10/02/2016 1:51 pm

Jesus and sick man - cartoon

Here's Session One of our Lenten resource 'Merciful Like The Father'.

Today we reflect on the God of Merciful Love.

Each session comes with resources that enable you to follow or 'voice' the sessions - the opening prayer, reading, and final prayer.

You can follow the whole session by reading/downloading this PDF:

Booklet: Session One 2.84 MB

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Opening Prayer

Prayer: Session One 265.76 kB


Reading: Session One 268.89 kB


Our reflection comes from the eminent Bible scholar Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB - a Benedictine priest from Ampleforth.

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Concluding Prayer

This prayer can be found in the download in the Opening Prayer area. 


Our full section for our Lent 2016 multimedia resources

This series has been produced in collaboration with Clifton Diocese - the Catholic Church in the West of England.


Images and graphics designed by Father Jan Rossey, a monk of Caldey Abbey.


Guide: Merciful Like The Father

intro-booklet.pdf 2.67 MB

A 'How To' guide to our Lenten multimedia resource 'Merciful Like The Father'. 


Booklet: Session One

booklet-session1.pdf 2.84 MB

This PDF will help you follow Session One of our 'Merciful Like The Father' resource for Lent 2016. Offers prayers, scripture readings and reflections from the eminent Bible scholar Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB.


Prayer: Session One

prayer-session1.pdf 265.76 kB

Our opening prayer for Session One of our 'Merciful Like The Father' resource. 


Reading: Session One

reading-session1.pdf 268.89 kB

Here's the reading for Session One of our 'Merciful Like The Father' resource - Psalm 103.