Lent 2016

Introducing 'Merciful Like The Father' - Our Lent 2016 Scripture Resource

05/02/2016 2:48 pm

Today we're introducing you to our reflective multimedia resource for the season of Lent. Called 'Merciful Like The Father', it's inspired by Pope Francis' Jubilee of Mercy.

Here Fr Christopher Whitehead, Clifton Diocese, introduces the series and offers us a guide to how the resources might be used.

Guide: Merciful Like The Father 2.67 MB

The short film above sets the vision and the mood for the weeks ahead; the guide opens up the possibilities of how Lent might be lived in prayer, in conversation, in thought and reflection.

Resources for Session One are available from Ash Wednesday, 10 February.

You'll find participants sheets outlining the framework envisaged for each session - prayer, scripture, reflection, conversation from questions, prayer.

Each session comes with resources that enable you to 'voice' the sessions - the opening prayer, reading, and final prayer are all available to download as audio clips and ready to use.

The individual sheets with prayers and reading are also laid out for you in case you would prefer to have someone in your parish or small group read them.

The reflections for the sessions come from the Benedictine Scripture scholar Fr Henry Wansbrough and can be downloaded as MP4 files (video) or individual MP3s (audio).

Alongside these clips, you can download or subscribe to our podcasts using RSS or iTunes, so you can use this Lenten series at your desk, en route to work, or wherever you are.

What and who is needed?

Simply someone who will download the sheets and copy them for group use; someone able to look after IT - someone who will download the video clip onto laptop and (using a projector in parish room or hall) start the video clip at the appropriate time. The audio clips can also be downloaded if needed - if not then you'll need to find someone to lead the opening prayer and someone who will look after the reading. Finally, someone who will just play host, welcome, and draw your group into that calmness of prayer.


Each Wednesday will find you able to download the next session:

Introduction to the series

Session One - 10 February

Session Two - 18 February

We take a 'reflective break' for one week

Session Three - 2 March

Session Four - 9 March

Session Five - 16 March

Session Six (postscript) - 23 March

Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful. As we seek to live Lent with a certain intensity, let us allow our renewed and deepened understanding of God's to shape and transform us so that we become instruments of mercy to others because mercy has been shown us.


Our full section for our Lent 2016 multimedia resources


Guide: Merciful Like The Father

intro-booklet.pdf 2.67 MB

A 'How To' guide to our Lenten multimedia resource 'Merciful Like The Father'.