Bishop Tom Williams on a faith that is God's gift when we are frightened and alone

04/12/2015 11:26 am

Bishop Tom Williams, a Liverpool auxiliary bishop, gives a personal reflection for Advent on the 'Year of Mercy' in context with his national responsibility for the Catholic Church - caring for the sick, those in hospitals and the housebound.

Bishop Tom reveals some moments that have touched his soul - his inner being - leaving him with a real and active faith and uses two compelling illustrations. Firstly he talks about his grandniece. We hear about a child's artistic eye and her words of truth in light of her grandfather nearing the end of his life - approaching the door to God's kingdom.

The second image is the famous painting 'The Light of the World' by William Holman Hunt. It depicts the risen Christ knocking on a door representing the door of our lives. Jesus knocks on the door, and waits patiently for us to open it up. Crucial to the painting is that the door has no handle. The only way for it to be opened is from the inside. A person who hears Jesus’ message needs to accept it and open their life to admit him.

"Sickness is a part of life and preparing to die. It can be a very lonely place - especially for those facing their death and for their families caring for them.

"Our faith doesn't give us any pat answers - no pious twaddle. But our faith is God's gift to each of us especially when we are frightened and alone and fearful of life's many problems.

"It gives us the opportunity not only to see the beautiful butterflies of our own lives but to be aware there's another side to the door - the future, life everlasting. It's full of beautiful butterflies.

Bishop Tom finishes with a beautiful prayer.

Podcast Series

The Year of Mercy, given to us by Pope Francis, presents the ideal opportunity to focus on God's mercy and forgiveness.

To mark this, many of the Bishops of England and Wales have recorded special reflections for Advent. One podcast reflection will be uploaded every day throughout the season.


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