Bishop Philip Egan on how we show God's care to those in need

16/12/2015 9:08 am

Bishop Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth, looks at a remarkable day centre for the homeless in Aldershot to introduce his Advent reflection. The Vine Centre, staffed mainly by volunteers, helps some of the neediest in our society. It was started by a parishioner from St Joseph's in the town.

Bishop Egan then talks about how the 'Year of Mercy' is an opportunity for all to receive the loving mercy of God and to show that divine mercy to others.

"The Catholic tradition speaks of seven corporal and seven spiritual works of mercy. The corporal - or material, works include: feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, burying the dead, visiting those in prison and, above all, giving alms to the poor.

"The spiritual works comprise: giving instruction, advising the doubtful, comforting the sorrowful, admonishing sinners, praying for others, bearing wrongs patiently and - this can be very hard - forgiving those who insult us.

"The 'Year of Mercy' is a time when all Christians might try harder to undertake these works of love, showing God's care to those in need.

"I'd like to encourage everyone listening - not just those of Christian faith - to undertake these good works because the secret of human happiness is that it's in giving that we receive and the more generously we give the more happy we might be."

Podcast Series

The Year of Mercy, given to us by Pope Francis, presents the ideal opportunity to focus on God's mercy and forgiveness.

To mark this, many of the Bishops of England and Wales have recorded special reflections for Advent. One podcast reflection will be uploaded every day throughout the season.


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