Tobit 8:4-8

The prayer of Tobias and Sarah

22/12/2014 5:34 pm

Tobit 8:4-8

Please note: ‘Tobit’ is only found in a ‘Catholic Bible’ i.e. one that contains the deuterocanonical books

After the ‘wondering’ about what struck you, or caught your attention, begin to talk about Tobias and Sarah, and their situation, their relationship with God, and God’s response to their need, alongside your lives, and your faith.

Some of the following questions might help the conversation:

  • How might Sarah and Tobias have felt on their wedding night, knowing Sarah’s history?
  • How do you think Sarah’s parents felt leaving their daughter in the bridal chamber again? Can you describe a time when you felt something similar?
  • What does it mean to walk in trust with the Lord?
  • When have you and/or your family had an experience of God’s mercy?
  • What part does prayer play in your daily life?
  • How has prayer helped you and/or your family?

The key questions to draw the conversation together might be:

  • How does this story ‘speak’ to us about our ‘call’ to be a family?
  • How does it speak to our ‘journey’?
  • How does it speak to us about our ‘purpose’ or ‘mission’ as a family?
  • What support do we need from the Church?
  • What is already available? What needs to be developed?
  • From our family life experience, what do we offer that could enrich the life of the Church?

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