Luke 24: 13-32

The disciples on the Road to Emmaus

22/12/2014 6:08 pm

Luke 24: 13-32

After the ‘wondering’ about what struck you, or caught your attention, continue to talk together about the disciples’ experience on the road, walking away from Jerusalem, and joined by Christ.

Some of the following questions might help the conversation.

  • How do you think the disciples felt as they walked along the road away from Jerusalem, in the aftermath of the Crucifixion? What had been their hopes?
  • Describe where Jesus is in the story, and the manner in which he accompanies them. In what ways does he help them to ‘open up’?
  • What experiences in your life echo this sense of accompanying those in our family who are ‘walking into the night’? How might you listen, and help share the burden of a family member?
  • What is most important for you in this story, and you would like to echo in your life, and see echoed in the ministry offered by the Church?

The key questions to draw the conversation together might be:

  • How does this story ‘speak’ to us about our ‘call’ to be a family?
  • How does it speak to our ‘journey’?
  • How does it speak to us about our ‘purpose’ or ‘mission’ as a family?
  • What support might we need from the Church?
  • What is already available? What needs to be developed?
  • From our family life experience, what do we offer that could enrich the life of the Church?

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