Mission Bishop

Personal Appeal from the National Mission Bishop

24/07/2015 4:00 pm

Bishop Mark O'Toole at Proclaim '15

“The bishops of England and Wales invite every parish on 20 September 2015 to celebrate Home Mission Sunday to support the Catholic community to respond generously to the call to evangelise.

"Many Mass-going Catholics feel the pain and sorrow caused by a large number of family members and friends not practising their faith. In response, there is an urgency for us all to consider afresh how we might respectfully and joyfully reach out to our absent brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for all that you are already doing in this regard.

"The prayers offered and money raised on Home Mission Sunday enable new projects and partnerships to be developed to support Church growth and the work of outreach in England and Wales. We have been able to offer Proclaim ’15, for example, thanks to the support of our sponsors, and as a fruit of the response to this annual appeal Sunday.

"Please do celebrate Home Mission Sunday this September as generously as you can. Thank you and God bless you.”

Bishop Mark O’Toole
Chair, Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis

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To find out more about the bishops’ work of evangelisation, please email the Bishops’ Conference Home Mission Desk.


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Please contact Matt Feeley, Head of Fundraising at the Bishops’Conference, if you would like to learn more about giving opportunities to support this important work.