07/05/2015 12:00 pm

Educating for the good of all

Education is always an important area for discussion in every general election. Children are the future of society, and how we educate them affects what the future will look like. Parents and grandparents all have a great concern to seek the best education for their children and grandchildren and large amounts of tax payers money is used to ensure that this education is delivered effectively. Given the direct impact that education policies have on most voters there is no doubt that all political parties will be hoping to sway voters with their education policies.

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22/04/2015 12:23 pm

Catholics have not only a right but a duty to participate in the election of a new government

As citizens in our democratic society, Catholics have not only a right but a duty to participate in the election of a new government, and so contribute to the common good of the society in which we live. Pope Francis, made this very clear in his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium just over a year ago. 

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22/04/2015 11:24 am

The place of Aid, Development and Climate Change in the General Election

At home, 18-year-olds are leaving school or college to go to university or find work knowing that they are facing years of debt or uncertainty. They are being told by politicians that they are the first generation for decades that will be worse off than their parents. Overseas, 18 year olds are growing up in a world that is less stable and more insecure, where their dignity and enormous potential is being willfully limited by poverty and conflict. 

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30/03/2015 10:12 am

Right to asylum must never be denied when people's lives are truly threatened

It was until recently fashionable to complain that immigration was never debated in politics. Now politicians seem sometimes to argue about little else. Where does the Catholic Church stand on this important policy area? As Christians, we need to pause amid a sometimes times frenzied debate, and think carefully about our response to immigration. The forthcoming general election in May provides a good reason to reflect. 

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23/03/2015 11:33 am

Election candidates must face scrutiny over their approach to poverty

The real poverty that exists on our very doorstep should shock us all. With 3.7million children living in poverty and three million people in the UK who are malnourished at any time, this issue must be a priority for us as a Church, as well as for the nation. 

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13/03/2015 4:38 pm

Marriage and Family at the heart of society

There are many models of family around us displaying love and commitment. But the Christian understanding of marriage and the family, founded on a loving and faithful relationship between a man and a woman is the basic building block of a healthy society.

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10/03/2015 5:50 pm

Life is precious - how will your candidates protect this gift for the future?

This year’s General Election gives us the opportunity to stop and reflect on the way in which our society values, or not, the gift of human life and the ways in which our local candidates and their political parties offer to respect human life and develop policies which promote the good of life for all, from conception to death. 

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