Bishops' Letter

General Election: Conclusion

24/02/2015 11:00 am

Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith

As followers of Christ, we work with him to renew the face of the earth. This begins with our daily personal encounter with him through prayer and the sacraments. We are called to live out his teaching through active love of neighbour wherever that may be; in our homes, in our work places, in our parishes and in the wider communities of which we form a part. As his disciples, we search for mercy, compassion and justice in all we say and do, and challenge where these are absent in our world. Together with the state and politicians, we are responsible for the kind of society we build. That is why our actions are more important than our opinions.

Politics is a vital and necessary vocation. It carries important responsibilities not only for policy decisions but also for shaping the hopes and aspirations of people. Political leaders can choose to appeal to our sense of hope or of fear, to our desires to care for others or for ourselves, and to our sense of solidarity or to our selfishness.

We expect politicians to be committed to the common good. We also each have a responsibility to be involved in the democratic process. It is important that we vote. It is a duty which springs from the privilege of living in a democratic society.

In deciding how we vote the question for each one of us is then:

How, in the light of the Gospel, can my vote best serve the common good?

Prior to casting your vote, you may wish to use the following prayer:

“Lord, grant us wisdom that we may walk with integrity, guarding the path of justice and knowing the protection of your loving care for all”.

With our very best wishes,

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Archbishop Peter Smith
Vice President


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Respecting Life

Supporting Marriage and Family Life

Alleviating Poverty

Educating for the good of all

Building Communities
- Europe
- The Voluntary Sector
- Living Wage and the Dignity of Human Work
- Asylum and Immigration
- Religious Freedom

Caring for the World
- Overseas Aid and Development
- Climate Change and Sustainable Development


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