Ponny's Story

21/08/2013 9:33 am

Ponny, from Cardiff, shares her faith story for our project Crossing the Threshold. In this series we hear from former non-churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics who have now returned to the practice of their faith. With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.

Ponny says:

“I drifted away from Church and stopped going and that put a lot of stress between me and my family.

"I knew my Mum prayed a lot. She kept on praying and I knew that she’d asked a few of her friends to pray for me as well.

"Christmas 2008 she got me to a priest for Confession… I said a lot of routine things… something inside of me prompted me to actually speak to him and talk it him. It was an experience. I cried. I started telling him about everything I’d done and all my questions.”

With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.



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The testimonies in our 'Crossing the Threshold' films are accompanied by these suggested questions for group or personal reflection.