Laurence's Story

21/08/2013 9:33 am

Laurence, from Cardiff, shares his faith story for our project Crossing the Threshold. In this series we hear from former non-churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics who have now returned to the practice of their faith. With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.

Laurence says:

“I was a Sunday Catholic and a Holy Day of Obligation Catholic, and an altar boy and I didn’t really understand why.

"I don’t really know when I drifted, but I was certainly 17 – 18… but I would always get that feeling when you walk back into the church, the quiet and the peace…

"I still struggle with my religion, my faith… but I fundamentally think that it is there for a good purpose to guide us. You never lose it. You might go away from it. You might wander, but you’ve got that urge sometimes, you just need to get back and I think that’s where I am. ”

With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.



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The testimonies in our 'Crossing the Threshold' films are accompanied by these suggested questions for group or personal reflection.