David and Shirley's Story

21/08/2013 11:35 am

David and Shirley, from Liverpool, share their faith story for our project Crossing the Threshold. In this series we hear from former non-churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics who have now returned to the practice of their faith. With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.

David says:

"I used to go [to church] Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Christmas Eve, funerals, weddings… My family were having communion and I was a bit, like, 'I'm missing out here. Do I need this?'…

"We were sitting somewhere New Year's Eve and Shirley used to say 'Are you making a New Year's resolution?' And what I made was, 'I'm gonna do RCIA,' and Shirley was flabbergasted… It's an honour to be there when Father is celebrating Mass, it's brilliant."

With thanks to CaFE for producing the film.



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The testimonies in our 'Crossing the Threshold' films are accompanied by these suggested questions for group or personal reflection.