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In this section you will find a variety of posters and invitation cards that are designed to appeal to different audiences.

They are offered in two formats:

'Easy Print' means that you should be able to print out the materials on a home printer.

‘With Crops’ means that they can be downloaded and printed by a professional print shop local to you.

The most effective way to use the invitations provided below is to give them to someone personally. People are much more likely to respond to a personal invitation, than just reading something that has been pushed through a letterbox. Some parishes give three invitation cards to each parishioner and encourage them to personally invite three people to the Christmas services.

The posters provided below can be used on exterior noticeboards, put in windows and used anywhere on the church premises that is visible to those outside the church building and / or to people who might hire your church hall, for example. Alternatively, with permission, please ask for a poster to be put up in a non-church venue such as a local shop, library, pub, community centre or school

Easy Print

With Crops

Label Spaces

Please note that a white box has been inserted on the front of the posters to allow you to put a Label in that space which features your parish contact details.

The size of Label that you’ll need for the posters is:
Labels can be purchased from: 70 x 37 mm
A template Download from 70 x 37 mm
A label template is also provided for download here Come Home For Christmas Labels 10.01 kB

A white space has also been left on the back of the postcards so that you can use a label in this space too, featuring your Christmas service times.

Catholic Schools
You may also want to ask if you local Catholic school might feature some of the material featured on this web page in its newsletters, on its website, noticeboards and elsewhere.

Get involved

A flyer giving information on how to get involved with Come Home for Christmas, a seasonal outreach programme.
Come Home for Christmas - How to get involved Flyer 710.02 kB

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