The Light is On For You

26/02/2014 2:00 pm

Open Church Door

The Light is On For You is the name of an international initiative to encourage Catholics to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). It usually involves a group of Catholic churches in the same area or diocese agreeing to open their doors at the same time for a set period of time, with priests available to hear confessions.

From the initiative’s “Parish Toolkit”: Archdiocese of Washington, USA

“The Light is ON for you is designed to be an evangelisation initiative in which the Church’s hospitality and mercy invites Catholics who have been away from the Sacrament of Reconciliation to return during Lent. The Secretariat for Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns presents this toolkit which includes ideas for implementing The Light is ON for You in your parish. The Light is ON for You is intended for five Lenten Wednesday evenings, all of the enclosed materials indicate this intention (excluding Ash Wednesday and the Wednesday in Holy Week).”

Included in the Toolkit are:

  • Five sample Bulletin Announcements - simple short announcements for preparing the bulletin for the coming week.
  • Five sample Bulletin Reflections - lengthier reflections to emphasise the themes of reconciliation.
  • Five sample Pulpit Announcements - brief announcements that may be included in the spoken announcements at Mass on Sundays in Lent.
  • Five sample Facebook post s -which may be altered for your needs and used in parish Facebook pages to inform and invite parishioners using social media.
  • Five sample Intercessions - these may be included in the Prayer of the Faithful according to your needs.
  • Sample logos and banners that may be used in bulletins and on parish websites or Facebook pages
  • And more!

For more information please see:

Lancaster Diocese

“Catholics in the Diocese of Lancaster, especially those who have been away from the Church or the sacraments, are invited to experience God’s mercy and forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”
“The Light is on For You! - RECONCILIATION WEDNESDAY initiative highlights the importance of this sacrament in the life of Catholics and increases its availability, hoping that every Catholic will visit this source of God’s mercy and healing love this Lent.

Cardiff Archdiocese

“Archbishop George Stack has launched in the Cardiff Archdiocese the initiative, “The Light is ON for YOU!”, to invite practicing and lapsed Catholics to go to Confession this Lent. In common with other dioceses across England and Wales, we are reaching out to those who may have wandered from the life of the Church and those Mass-going Catholics who have been away from Confession for some years.”
“Each Wednesday of Lent (after Ash Wednesday, until Easter), participating Catholic Parish Churches in the Archdiocese of Cardiff will be open from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. for Catholics to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”


The Light is ON for YOU

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A report from the Diocese of Lancaster about The Light is ON for YOU! campaign.