Faith in Health and Social Care Seminar

12/08/2014 10:00 am

Nurse holds a patient's hands in a hospice

On 1 November 2014, the Network of Catholics in Health and Social Care is holding a one-day seminar for healthcare professionals.

The event asks the question:

Health and Social Care Staff: Good Samaritans for the 21st century?

The two keynote speakers are Rev Dr Gerry Arbuckle SM and Rev Dr James Hanvey SJ.

Dr Hanvey, Master of Campion Hall, Oxford, will develop the themes of ‘Care’ and ‘Dignity’ in the modern NHS from a theological perspective.

Dr Arbuckle, in his sessions, will present on the theme: Re-Owning the NHS Founding Story: The Good Samaritan Parable – and - Prophetic Leadership in Healthcare Today: “Samaritan Style”.


For nearly two thousand years in Britain the Catholic Church and Catholic institutions were the providers of education, care, and treatment for sickness.

After the reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries, the loss of this provision clearly needed a replacement and Queen Elizabeth I established the “Poor Law”, by which charity was gradually replaced with a compulsory land tax levied at parish level.

Only in the 19th Century have we seen the creation of local authority services and these have only provided comprehensive services for the welfare of all since 1948.

Today, more than three million people work hard to provide health and care services in England and Wales, many of whom are driven by the same Christian impetus of charity and the example of the Good Samaritan. This Conference will examine how the principles of charity and the Good Samaritan are in fact essential in providing care and how the Catholic faith helps people to respond professionally from a principled spiritual position.

This day will provide original insights into the theology of healthcare. It will be informative and stimulating, with opportunities to participate in round table discussions as well as the valued input of world-leading thinkers on this very important area of welfare provision.

Further details of keynote addresses and session content will be made available in due course.

Who should attend?

We'd encourage the following to attend:

Doctors, nurses, professions allied to medicine, Social Care Directors, Registered Managers, practitioners and regulators for all fields along with Healthcare Chaplains and interested clergy.


Heythrop College,
23 Kensington Square,
W8 5HN


Saturday, 1 November 2014
10am - 4pm

How do I book?

To book please complete the Conference registration form and return to:

The form can be found in the top right-hand corner of this page.



Draft Programme

10am Mass in the College Chapel celebrated by Bishop Tom Williams
  Reception and Tea/Coffee
10:45am Welcome by Chair – Dr Gillian Patterson
10:50am Introduction to the Day – Bishop Tom Williams, Chair of the Bishops' Health and Social Care Advisory Group
11am Session One – Rev Dr Gerald Arbuckle SM
Re-Owning the NHS Founding Story: The Good Samaritan Parable
11:30am Round table discussion
12 noon Session Two – Rev Dr James Hanvey SJ
Care and Dignity in the modern NHS from a theological perspective
12:30pm Round table discussion
1pm Lunch
1:45pm Welcome to afternoon by Chair
  Session Three - Rev Dr Gerald Arbuckle SM
Prophetic Leadership in Healthcare Today: “Samaritan Style”
2:15pm Round table discussion
2:45pm Tea/Coffee
3pm Session Four – Rev Dr James Hanvey SJ
3:30pm Round table discussion and panel session with keynote speakers
4pm Summary by Bishop Tom Williams and departures

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Registration Form

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Download, print and complete this registration form for the Health and Social Care day conference at Heythrop College, 1 November 2014.