Renewal of Commitment by Readers

17/11/2014 2:55 pm

Reader at Mass - Clifton Cathedral

A particular resource emphasis for this year's Catholic Bible Sunday is providing materials that support parish Mass readers who have an important role in proclaiming the Word of God in their local community.

Before the Liturgy of the Word, the readers are encouraged to gather before the altar for the Rite of Renewal of Commitment by Readers.


You can download resources for readers by using the links below or to the right of this page.

Tips for Readers 28.55 kB

Order Commissioning Readers 131.25 kB

Order Commissioning Readers (WORD) 867.00 kB

Readers' Commitment 118.32 kB

Readers' Commitment (WORD) 861.50 kB


Tips for Readers

bible-sun-14-top-tips-readers.pdf 28.55 kB

Five practical tips to help parish readers to prepare and deliver the Word of God.


Order Commissioning Readers

bible-sun-14-order-comm-readers.pdf 131.25 kB

Information on the Rite for the Commissioning of Readers. Produced for Catholic Bible Sunday 2014.


Readers' Commitment

bible-sun-14-renew-commit.pdf 118.32 kB

Rite of Renewal of Commitment by Readers for Catholic Bible Sunday 2014.