17/11/2014 2:25 pm

Holding a French translation of an American Bible

The Catholic Church moves into Cycle B of its Liturgy as we start Advent. On Catholic Bible Sunday, the Second Sunday of the season, the Gospel reading comes from Mark:

Mark 1:1-8
Make his paths straight

Rev Dr Adrian Graffy, Chair of the National Scripture Working Group, has produced homily notes for priests that can be used on 7 December.


We know and experience being fed by God’s Word and Sacrament at Mass. Christ the Word teaches us. Christ our Eucharist nourishes us.

Catholic Bible Sunday reminds us to hear, to be attentive to God’s Word through reading and reflecting on the Scriptures in our homes daily. It reminds us too to seek ways of proclaiming that life-giving Word to everyone that we meet.

How appropriate then that we begin reading the Gospel of Mark on this day! Mark’s Gospel opens with faith-statements about Jesus. He is the Christ. He is the Son of God.

The evangelist continues by pointing to the fulfilment of words from the Book of Isaiah already proclaimed in our first reading. The people who lived in exile are assured of liberation and return. Those longing for the promised Messiah learn that God is preparing the way for him.

It is John the Baptist who announces the fulfilment of the promise, and the forgiveness of sin. His words are confirmed by the symbolic action of baptising people in the Jordan. A new start is announced for them, and for us.


You can download the homily notes by using the link in the top right-hand corner of this page.


Homily Notes

bible-sun-14-homily-notes.pdf 122.67 kB

Homily notes for priests for Catholic Bible Sunday 2014. 


Homily Notes (WORD)

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Microsoft Word version of the homily notes for priests. Catholic Bible Sunday 2014.