Vatican II

Unitatis Redintegratio

29/11/2012 4:50 pm

Second Vatican Council: Unitatis Redintegratio

Our Year of Faith tweets take a closer look at is Unitatis Redintegratio - the Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism.


Unitatis Redintegratio - Decree on Ecumenism

Unitatis Redintegratio is divided into three chapters covering the principles and practice of ecumenism, and the Churches and ecclesial communities separated from Rome. The document teaches that Christian unity is a matter of restoration, not of a return to Rome; other Christian communities are churches within the Body of Christ; and both sides were to blame for the divisions of the Church.
“Today, in many parts of the world, under the inspiring grace of the Holy Spirit, many efforts are being made in prayer, word and action to attain that fullness of unity which Jesus Christ desires. The Sacred Council exhorts all the Catholic faithful to recognise the signs of the times and to take an active and intelligent part in the work of ecumenism.” UR 4

Unitatis Redintegratio on the Holy See's official website

Summary texts prepared by the Bishops' Conference Home Mission Desk.