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10/10/2012 8:10 pm

Year of Faith tweets @YoFtweets

In partnership with the Bible Society the Home Mission Desk has prepared over 400 tweets for the 'Year of Faith'. Our tweets will introduce followers to the inspiring documents of the Second Vatican Council looking at them in the light of Sacred Scripture and through quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and from some of our great Saints.

Where possible we've arranged our year of tweets to complement our liturgical seasons. Quotes in Lent, for example, help followers to prepare for Easter. We would really recommend followers read the documents for themselves and in particular the four ‘Constitutions’ which are the ‘pillars of the Council.’

These are:

I. Lumen Gentium - on the Church

II. Sacrosanctum Concilium - on the Sacred liturgy

III. Dei Verbum - on Divine Revelation

IV. Gaudium et Spes - on the Church in the Modern World

When we tweet about one of documents above, you will be able to click on the link and read an introduction to it and discover the context of the quotes.

We're also looking at other documents of Vatican II:

Unitatis Redintegratio - Decree on Ecumenism

Inter Mirifica - Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation


We’ve given the weeks themes that are taken from chapter headings. This should help to give the quotes context.

  • Quotes will appear with abbreviated document names (after their first full use) and their paragraph number (For example, UR:4 is Unitatis Redintegratio: Paragraph 4)
  • We’ll also be abbreviating the names of books of the Bible – if in doubt have a look at the contents page of any Bible
  • The order of the documents through this year and the length of time given to them in terms of tweeting is not reflective of their relative importance or the order in which they were published