Introducing the Rosary

The Rosary is a pattern of prayer popular among Christians. At heart it is a series of meditations on some aspects, or mysteries, of the life of Jesus Christ and Mary his mother.


What is the Rosary?

The full Rosary is made up of four sets of five mysteries. The meditation on each mystery is accompanied by the praying of the Lord’s Prayer, followed by ten...Read more


Mysteries and Prayers

The Rosary is made up of four mysteries that find their focus in the life of Jesus Christ. The mysteries are: The Joyful Mysteries, The Mysteries of Light, T...Read more


Rosary Reflection

The Rosary is much like our precious photos or other mementos: it’s a simple, tangible way of keeping the most important person in our life—Jesus—front and c...Read more


Praying the Rosary

The rosary has been a favoured prayer of Catholics for centuries and here Sr Johanna shares why it is so central to her life and relationship with God.Read more



Here you will find resource materials and links to resources for use in the dedicated month of the Rosary. Read more