Year of Faith


10/10/2012 3:40 pm

The New and Retired Bishop of Wrexham and the Archbishop of Cardiff

2012 marks more than just the start of the 'Year of Faith' in the Diocese of Wrexham. On 12 September, the diocese welcomed the Rt Rev Peter Brignall as its new bishop - ordained the third Bishop of Wrexham in St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Bishop Brignall pointed to the 'Year of Faith' as the ideal time to commence his ministry in North Wales:

"Just a month after my ordination as bishop the Church begins the ‘Year of Faith’, a year in which Pope Benedict XVI invites Catholics to rediscover the gift of faith and so seek new ways of proclaiming it. I could do no better than taking that as the starting point of my ministry, indeed as the whole purpose of my ministry in Wales for years to come".

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