Year of Faith


10/10/2012 3:35 pm

Archbishop of Westminster with Parishioners

The Diocese of Westminster has an extensive programme of catechesis and events to mark the 'Year of Faith'. Each diocesan department is closely involved with the focus falling on evangelisation, parish life, marriage and family, schools, young people - not to mention liturgy and prayer.

In his Pastoral Letter welcoming the 'Year of Faith', Archbishop Vincent Nichols said:

“The questions of faith are real in our world today. You may remember the marvellous opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in early September. Professor Stephen Hawking, speaking from his wheelchair, said: ‘Ever since the dawn of civilisation people have craved an understanding of the underlying order of the universe... why it is as it is and why it exists at all.’ This question, and many others, team in modern minds. What does the gift of faith have to say?”

Westminster has a full web section dedicated to the 'Year of Faith':

Schools' Message


Main calendar of events