Year of Faith


10/10/2012 3:25 pm

Portsmouth Cathedral Stained Glass Window of Our Lady and Jesus

Portsmouth Diocese have released a booklet to accompany the Year of Faith called 'The door of faith is always open for us'. In the introduction Bishop Philip Egan writes:

"The main thing this Year is to ask God for the gift of a deeper faith both for ourselves and for others.  Try to pray often the Creed and the Act of Faith.

Study the Catechism and try to grow in understanding.  Also, try to make your faith a bit more public: e.g. wear a crucifix, make the Sign of the Cross when dining out, or say ‘Thank God’ when someone tells you some good news."

Pastoral Letter

As he started his new ministry as the eighth bishop of Portsmouth, bishop Philip Egan has also written to his diocese:

"..I am also conscious of many hopes and expectations for the future. This is why I have chosen for my motto In Corde Iesu, In the Heart of Jesus. I want to remind everyone, that it is Him alone we serve. Jesus is our Lord and Master, and it is from his Heart that over the weeks and months  to come, we  wish confidently to  draw the love, strength and creativity we need, to face the challenges ahead, assisted by the prayers of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and of St. Edmund of Abingdon... this Year of Faith, with the new evangelisation it occasions, will be absolutely central to everything we do, as a diocese, in 2013.

..Faith is a most precious gift from God, the doorway to eternal happiness. It is  the movement of the Holy Spirit in our heart, opening the eyes of our mind, and inviting us to accept and believe the Truth God has revealed to us, as proposed by the Church. We use the word ‘faith’ in two ways: as both an objective reality (‘The Faith’), meaning the mighty deeds God has done for us and the saving truths and doctrines he has revealed , and also  as a subjective response (‘Our Faith’), the human act, by which  we  love God in return,  choosing  to follow his ways and  to believe him. The Year of Faith will focus on faith in both senses of the word."

Bishop Philip Egan's pastoral letter


Year of Faith booklet

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