Year of Faith


10/10/2012 2:55 pm

Bishop of Menevia and Bishop of the Forces

Pastoral Letter

In his pastoral letter on the Year of Faith, Bishop Tom Burns encourages his diocese in to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the starting point of being able to evangelise others.

"[The Year of Faith] presents us with an opportunity to express the hope that is within us. This hope is that we will not hesitate to articulate to the world the radical message of the Gospel. This is what is pressing inside us and is yearning to come out. If we claim we have faith, then in the words of St James, we have to show our good deeds, our acts of charity, our love for one another.  We show our faith by what we do. Faith and actions work together. Our actions must speak louder than words.

We yearn to share with others who Jesus Christ is. To do that, we have to know Jesus Christ personally ourselves. Achieving that is our primary task. Only then will we be able to evangelise others. "

Bishop Tom Burn's pastoral Letter


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