Year of Faith


10/10/2012 2:40 pm

Lancaster Relic Visit of St Therese of Lisieux

There are many faith initiatives taking place in the Diocese of Lancaster throughout the 'Year of Faith' in parishes, schools and all other organisations.

The Diocese of Lancaster has its own dedicated section for the ‘Year of Faith’ on its website.

What can we do?

Within the Year of Faith area there are practical suggestions, ideas and resources to mark the Year:

Vatican II Talks

Lancaster has two series of ‘Talks in the Diocese’ on the Second Vatican Council. More here.

Prayer and Teaching Programme for Adults

There’s a monthly Prayer and Teaching Programme for Adults for the 'Year of Faith' - ideal for school staff and sixth formers, parishes and deaneries


The diocese is also offering some useful Liturgical Resources.


Frequently Asked Questions on the 'Year of Faith'.


Personal Prayer Intentions for the Year can be found here.

Pastoral Letter

Bishop Michael Campbell says in his pastoral letter for the 'Year of Faith':

"To be a faithful and practising Catholic in today’s world is not easy, and we face many challenges. Alternative and superficially alluring paths stretch out before us where we appear to have no need for God, Church or Sacraments. Such paths lead us to the illusion that as human beings we are self-sufficient and can answer the great questions of life with the wisdom of this world. We know that this is false, and the wonder and comfort of our Catholic Faith is that in Jesus Christ we do possess true wisdom and the truth that only God can provide. During this Year of Faith each one of us Catholics is called by the Pope to make ever more our own that wisdom and truth given by God to us in Christ in the Church."

Lancaster Pastoral Letter Year of Faith 90.28 kB


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