Year of Faith

Hexham & Newcastle

10/10/2012 2:40 pm

Hexham and Newcastle Petition Basket

The diocese of Hexham and Newcastle launches the Year of Faith with a Mass at St Benet's, Sunderland. Lapel crosses, prepared by the diocesan evangelisation team, are to be given out by the Bishop to wear as a witness to faith.

During this coming Year there will be many diocesan and deanery events in Hexham and Newcastle, including pilgrimages, talks and times of prayer. Information about these events have been sent to parishes and will be available on the diocesan website.

Pastoral Letter

Bishop Seamus Cunningham said in his pastoral letter:

"In this coming Year of Faith the Lord is calling us to an “authentic and renewed conversion” (Porta Fidei §6). We are compelled to use the compass, which is the Church, to redirect our lives towards Christ. Authentic conversion always grounds us in Christ, through the Church, and then sends us out to meet Christ in the world. It is hoped that this coming Year of Faith will begin a kind of mission to those with whom we live, work and socialise."

Bishop Seamus Cunningham's pastoral letter


Booklet of Events


Main calendar of events