year of faith


10/10/2012 12:55 pm

Brentwood Olympic Visit

The Diocese of Brentwood has a full programme of events for the Year of Faith. Bishop Thomas McMahon who will celebrate an opening Mass in Brentwood Cathedral on 11 October, said:

"My hope is that this Year of Faith will serve to deepen our own faith and that we in turn will reach out to others."

Fr Adrian Graffy, the director of the Brentwood diocesan Commission for Evangelisation and Formation, added:

"The Year of Faith will be a time of grace to consider how far we have implemented the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, in living Christian Baptism to the full, in offering ourselves in service to the needy of the world, in reaching out in a dialogue of truth and love to other Christians and to those of other faiths, and in responding more fully to Christ’s call to holiness presented anew by the Council Fathers. This Year of Faith is an opportunity for Catholics throughout the world to grow in faith so that we may offer the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people today with new strength and enthusiasm."

The Diocese of Brentwood has an events page specifically for the Year of Faith.

Main calendar of events