Day Two: For Those Who Are Prisoners

05/11/2013 12:00 pm

Those laid low, rise up, stand in the light and find your feet. It is so hard to get up when we feel we have dropped off not just God’s radar, but everyone else’s as well. It is hard to have faith when so many things seem to have gone wrong, when we are stuck in shame and paralysed by fear of the future. This is not all that there is; the light of God’s presence shines in the darkest place and is not and cannot be overcome.

Loving Lord you always come to meet us wherever we are. Give to all those serving sentences in our prisons the strength to lift first their eyes and then their hearts to recognise your light. Raise them up to stand in your presence and serve you, set them free from the power of darkness, make them ready to start again and learn to walk in your Light. In Jesus’ name.