Day Six: For Our Communities

05/11/2013 12:00 pm

Those who can make a difference, join together. Link your arms you people, link your hearts; stand in the light and find strength. Often it is hard to believe that we can make a difference, but as drips of water wear away stones, as waves change coastlines, as seeds become grain and fruits, so we have God’s grace and strength when we join hearts, minds and hands, and work together, standing in His light and doing His will to build community. We are designed to live and grow together in order to flourish, to tend and restore to wholeness those who are the victims of others, and to welcome back those who have been outcast and punished and need support to build new lives.

Loving God, you call us into fellowship with you and with one another. Shine your light into our lives and our communities, fill us with your love and send your Holy Spirit so that we may be tireless in working to build up our communities into places of safety and creativity. By ourselves we may be weak, but in your light and with the Spirit’s power we can have faith and hope that the future can be different, lives transformed and your will be done. Hear our prayer for the sake of Jesus our Lord.